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Infusions and herbal teas with CBD

CBD teas, or CBD infusions, are mainly consumed for relaxation and general wellness. Most consumers drink them in order to help them relax, either during a stressful period or to help them sleep. Incorporating CBD as part as your bedtime ritual can certainly help fight insomnia. But since CBD does not cause grogginess, it can be consumed during the day as well, to provide tension relief and help better manage day-to-day stress. The benefits of CBD teas are countless.

Many CBD cannabis consumers lean more towards smoking as their preferred method of consumption. However, consuming CBD via infusion is a healthier and just as easy alternative.

CBD teas are indeed a much healthier alternative to inhalation (smoking), and provide the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) and other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant (cannabis).

Opting for CBD tea when choosing amongst CBD products is also an economical and sustainable consumption method, as all parts of the cannabis plant, such as the leaves and CBD flowers, are used to make a CBD tea.

CBD teas range in flavours and caffeine content. Because cannabis contains no caffeine, pure CBD tea is inherently caffeine free and can be classified a herbal tea. However, CBD tea (as in, the cannabis leaves and flowers dried and used for infusions) can be mixed with other teas with or without caffeine to a person's preference. We mix our CBD tea with a variety of tea blends, including mint, bergamot, chamomile flowers, and more. Consumer have the choice between CBD teas or a caffeine free CBD herbal blends.

Unlike cannabis, which is concentrated in THC, CBD is not a drug. It does not present any risk of addiction and would even protect from the development of an addiction. As such, whether for reactive or therapeutic use, preparing a CBD tea is a simple yet effective way to consume cannabis without fear of addiction.

The benefits of CBD herbal tea

Even for a person who does not suffer from any ailments or concerns, drinking a CBD herbal tea can be a great addition to one's lifestyle. In general, tea is a healthy product to consume for health and general wellness. Tea consumed as part of a self-care ritual can have wonderful benefits on the body and the mind, and any true selfcare practice can be considered good for mental health and happiness.

That said, CBD still provides many physical and physiological benefits, as shown via medical studies and clinical research on CBD. In general, CBD consumption can help with:

Anxiety and general stress


Epilepsy and epileptic seizures


Nausea and/or vomiting, such as in the case of chemotherapy

Digestion issues

Addictions to addictives substances such as alcohol

Skin diseases, including psoriasis

Osteoarthritis pain and aches

Cardiovascular disease and

Cognitive decline, such a in the case of Alzheimer's

And more.

Considering all of the natural benefits of CBD, drinking CBD tea is a great and easy way to consume CBD.

CBD tea to soothe pain

Known for its analgesic properties, CBD also acts in an effective way against pain as a real painkiller without having the side effects of drug treatments. Drinking a CBD tea helps relieve joint, muscle and bone pain. In some cases, it would even reduce the intensity of chronic pain related to rheumatism.

CBD tea to facilitates digestion

Tea (including herbal tea) is also very good on the digestive system, and teas such as green tea delivers many antioxidants. So, combined with the positive actions of the herbal tea on the digestive system, the benefits of CBD by infusion can be further accentuated. Consuming CBD in the form of a herbal tea can improve and facilitate digestion, can help relieve cramps and heartburn, can help reduce acid reflux, and can prevent constipation.

CBD tea for anti-inflammatory action

CBD cannabis infusions act as analgesic, antispasmodic, antiemetic (helps reduce nausea and vomiting), neuro-protective (helps protect the brain) and also anti-inflammatory (helps reduce inflammation). Researchers have been able to prove that CBD contains elements capable of relieving symptoms of inflammatory disorders and pain. As a result, CBD can help alleviate symptoms related to certain chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis or irritable bowel syndrome. CBD can also help relieve migraines or pain associated with chronic migraines, but that is more dur to CBD's ability to affect and level serotonin signals in the brain rather that due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Oftentimes, CBD can be used topically such as in the form of a CBD oil. But drinking CBD tea allows you to consume and metabolise the cannabidiol (CBD) in an easy, tasty way and still be able to benefits from its effects over time when consumed daily.

CBD tea for brain protection

CBD has been shown to have a neuroprotective and, through its effects on the endocannabinoid system, to help reduce neuron excitability by acting on certain brain receptors. CBD has been linked to help better manage and even reduce seizures, in both children and adults, whether these seizures are linked to Dravet syndrome, a neurological disease, or Epilepsy. Because CBD protects the brain, it has been linked to helping prevent and slow down cognitive decline. Thus, CBD can be used to help those suffering from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's too.

CBD rich products like high-potency CBD oil are usually recommended, but they are not always easy to consume for those not used to it and can have a strong taste, depending on preference. CBD tea is a great alternative to CBD oil, allowing you to absorb CBD daily and effectively, which is infinitely more enjoyable if you are already a tea drinker.

CBD tea to reduce stress and anxiety

CBD can also be a good alternative for people who want natural therapies for the conditions that affect them and avoid addictive prescribed medications or the unwanted secondary effects that are often associated with pharmaceuticals. Studies have shown that CBD can help reduce stress, anxiety, manage certain psychiatric illnesses and mental health in general. CBD tea (or hemp tea) can be an aid for certain issues like depression and anxiety. CBD tea can also be helpful for stress, whether chronic or circumstantial. Thanks to the CBD contained in the CBD tea, but also thanks to the ritualistic component of making and serving yourself a daily cup of tea, which can be grounding, meditative and part of a healthy self-care routine.

CBD tea as a sleep aid

There are many studies that suggest that CBD can have an impact on cortisol levels, which is a natural stress hormone in the body. Lowering cortisol levels can help a person relax for better sleep. It is suggested CBD and products like CBD oil and CBD tea can have mild sedative effects in that sense. It is important to note that CBD in any form, including CBD tea, is not an actual sedative, and can be safe to consume in the day, while driving, and does not cause any side effects associated with prescribed sleep aids or grogginess in the morning.

CBD tea can be a great natural addition to your bedtime routine. The calming, ritualistic aspect of herbal tea drinking before bed can be further accentuated by the relaxing properties of CBD. It is important to pick a CBD tea that has no caffeine, such as a pure CBD tea with chamomile flowers, rather than one that has a blend of black tea leaves, for example. Pure CBD tea, if made only with cannabis leaves, has not caffeine, so this is a good type of CBD tea to choose for the night.

Other benefits of CBD tea

Research has indicated that CBD consumption, including infusions, would allow cigarette users and smokers to decrease their cravings. The sam is also considered for those coming off of addiction of other substances, such as alcohol. CBD has been shown to curb the withdrawal symptoms that are often experienced in such cases. Additionally, CBD is not a drug and is non-addictive, so there should be no concern about replacing one vice for another.

Steps to make herbal tea with CBD

CBD is a fat-soluble molecule. This means that CBD is a cannabinoid compound that is insoluble in water (i.e. it does not easily get extracted in water), so it is not effective to boil CBD tea in water alone as one usual does for regular tea and herbal infusions.

To fully enjoy the benefits of CBD from a CBD tea, it is recommended to seep or boil the CBD tea in a liquid with a fatty agent. This can be choosing milk as thee seeping liquid, or water mixed with milk or cream, or mixed with butter or oil. Coconut milk or almond milk are also great options for those who do not like dairy products or who prefer vegan oor vegetarian alternatives.

Here are the steps to making CBD tea:

Use 1-2 tsp per cup with an infuser if the CBD tea comes in loose leaf form

Add fatty agent* (milk, oil or butter) in the boiling water or use boiled milk

Infuse for 5-8 min.

Make sure to squeeze the CBD tea leaves or bag before removal!

Pro tip: If you don't love the bitter taste of regular tea, you can first boil the CBD tea blend in water and then strain it before using boiling it again in a liquid with fat. This will remove a significant amount of chlorophyll and other molecules responsible for the bitter taste of tea without losing too much of the CBD and cannabinoids, and give your CBD tea a milder flavour.

You can have fun with CBD tea and different infusion methods. Extracting the CBD via fat only, such as in butter, creates a CBD tea compound butter that can then be mixed directly into chocolate milk or boiling water.

CBD tea can be sweetened as desired. This depends on your taste.

How to prepare an iced CBD tea to cool down in summer?

It is possible to consume CBD infusions cold or hot. For those hot summer days, an iced CBD tea may sound more appealing.

To enjoy a cold version of the beverage, first make the CBD tea by using a normal mode of preparation (seeped or boiled in a liquid with a fatty agent), then cooled down in the fridge or poured over ice. Keep in mind that the fatty agent that was used to extract the CBD may seize up and harder with a colder temperature. This is usually the case for butter. But using a milk, dairy or vegan, or oil as the fatty agent should not cause this issue.

Can you consume CBD tea on a regular basis?

CBD can be consumed daily, and its effects can be felt over time and the CBD gets metabolised by the body and starts helping regulate the body's endocannabinoid system, so CBD tea can and should be consumed daily in order to start feeling its benefits properly.

How long does it take to take effect?

The full effects of CBD, however it is consumed, take time, depending on what issues are being addressed. This is b ecause CBD is a natural aid to regulating the body's natural endocannabinoid system over time. So CBD is suggested to use daily and over the long-term.

That said, some effects, including the relaxing effects of CBD tea, can be felt immediately. It is recommended to take before bedtime, or an hour before, if drinking CBD tea to help with a better night's sleep.

There are no, or if any very few and mild, reported long-term side effects CBD. This is why most practitioners and experts will say that there are generally no side effects to CBD including in the form of CBD tea. That said, always speak to your medical professional before consuming any form of CBD if you are unsure this product is right for you.

Where to buy CBD herbal tea?

CBD teas that contain no THC or traces of THC under 0.2% are legal to purchase in most countries across Europe, as well as in North America including the US and Canada. This mean you can buy CBD teas online or in specialty CBD shops in most parts of the world.

HOLYWEED CBD teas are available for purchase at our boutiques, including in our flagship store in Geneva. They can also be purchased online through for deliveries in Switzerland, or through for orders elsewhere in Europe.

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