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CBD Flowers

Cultivated from the highest quality cannabis grown in Switzerland, our certified organic flowers boast high CBD and low THC content.

CBD flowers

CBD flowers

CBD flowers come from the Cannabis or hemp plant. They are also called buds. They are characterised by their very low THC content. In fact, they have no psychotropic effects (what makes you feel high), which allows you to fully benefit from their therapeutic properties. At present, there are many different varieties of CBD flowers, with different effects, tastes and aromas. Discover them all by scrolling on this page.

The benefits of CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in cannabis and hemp. Naturally low in THC, CBD flowers have been specifically crossed to obtain a higher concentration fo CBD. This level provides numerous effects on the body and mind, including:

  1. Pain and inflammation relief;
  2. Improved sleep;
  3. Reduced stress and anxiety;
  4. Increased energy;
  5. Improved concentration;
  6. Helps with fatigue.

Using CBD flowers are a natural and safer alternative thanks to their low THC content (less than 1% THC). There are many types of flowers available on the market for purchase. They can also be bought in a few grams for optimal consumption.


Sativa is one of the main strains of cannabis. It comes from equatorial regions. The plants are large trees with thin, pointed buds. The flowers from this plant are more energizing than others, with a more cerebral effect.

Swiss CBD

Swiss grown CBD is known for its premium quality and authentic taste. Swiss CBD products are now available for purchase thanks to new Swiss legislation.

CBD Haze

CBD Haze flowers are characterised by a spicy taste, with slight citrus notes. Generally Sativa-dominant, this variety of hemp helps with energy, concentration and cognitive abilities, which results in better productivity in everyday life.


Indica is one of the other main strains of cannabis. It grows mainly in mountainous regions such as the the Hindu Kush variety. Its effects are mainly relaxing and soothing.

CBD Indoor

Indoor CBD flowers are grown in a dark room, protected from the harsh weather conditions outside. This method of cultivation, similar to the greenhouse, results in hemp of superior quality in terms of taste, appearance and cannabidiol content.

CBD Outdoor

Hemp is grown outdoors to obtain a more authentic taste, with premium flower quality. This method of cultivation has many advantages over its indoor counterpart allowing terpenes to naturally better develop.

CBD Blackberry

CBD Blackberry flowers taste like a bit like wild berries. Its fruity and sweet notes are particularly pleasant in the mouth. In addition, the flowers have a soothing effect. They are therefore ideal to consume before going to sleep.

CBD Casper

CBD Casper is one of the few hemp varieties with a salty taste, with hints of Haze. It tastes like butter. Since the flowers are Indica-dominant, they help with relaxation.

CBD Amnesia

CBD Amnesia is derived from a sativa-dominant plant. This California-born product has become the star of old-school CBD flowers, thanks to its tangy taste and cerebral effects.

CBD Harlequin

The flowers of CBD Harlequin boast shades of red, orange and light green. This colour contrast is reminiscent of the famous Italian harlequins. This variety of hemp has a slightly bitter and roasted taste, with more complex flavours.

CBD Shark

CBD Shark flowers are very popular with consumers. This variety is known to have a high cannabidiol content. In addition, CBD Shark is characterised by a rather pungent, sandalwood-like taste.

CBD Moon Rocks

CBD Moon Rocks is often called the caviar of cannabis. The flowers offer an explosion of flavours in the mouth. You’ll experience a sweet combination of earthy resin-like aromas and herbal notes. This cannabis variety is also characterised by a high concentration of cannabidiol.


CBD Bud flowers are particularly exquisite. They contain a delicious citrus flavour, reminiscent of orange and clementine, with  a bitter aftertaste. This variety of hemp is very rich in cannabidiol.

CBD Acapulco

CBD Acapulco is a legal, Sativa-dominant cannabis. Having already won the High Time Cannabis Cup, this strain is among the best in terms of taste and effect. Expect a cascade of sensations with the Acapulco Gold variety.

CBD Strawberry

CBD Strawberry is a high quality hemp variety. It has a strong red fruit smell and offers fresh strawberry flavours with earthy notes. It is excellent for relaxing.

CBD Lemon

CBD Lemon products offer a unique taste experience. Thanks to its spicy taste and tonic effect, your body will more quickly recover its energy.

CBD Royal Cheese

CBD Royal Cheese products have a strong cheesy aroma with citrus note.s Grown indoors or outdoors, their flowers provide a deeply relaxing effect.

CBD Purple Haze

CBD Purple Haze flowers come from Italy and have an attractive purple colour. This type of hemp is distinguished by its fresh fruit flavour, with notes of lavender and resin. Try it yourself.

CBD Master Kush

CBD Master Kush flowers are an Indica variety with beautiful colours and a sweet taste. Award-winning, these flowers are ideal for relaxing.

CBD Northern Lights

CBD Northern Lights is one of the oldest varieties of therapeutic hemp. The flowers are characterised by an earthy resin taste with woody and spicy notes. Furthermore, the Northern Lights variety is one of the purest Indica-dominant species.

CBD Gelato

CBD Gelato is a cannabis strain with exceptional flavours. Obtained from the Cookies species, it offers a delicious dessert-like flavour. Fruit, biscuits, ice cream… you will detect  many different flavours in one product.

CBD Lemon Haze

CBD Lemon Haze is a beautiful flower that offers a citrus and Haze flavour combination. This flower has a lemon scent, with more subdued citrus taste. Its powerful effects are due to the high level of CBD contained in this flower.

CBD Watermelon

CBD Watermelon owes its name to its special flavour. Indeed, the flower contains delicious tastes of watermelon, melon and subtle citrus notes. If you like hemp with a sweet and fresh flavour, CBD Watermelon is the perfect choice.

CBD Gorilla Glue

The discovery of CBD Gorilla Glue came about by chance. This cannabis variety is the result of a natural cross between 3 strains: Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. The result is a flower that is both tasty and powerful.

CBD Kush

CBD Kush is the Asian star of indica-dominant medical cannabis. Spicy, peppery and delicious, they are ideal for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

CBD Orange Bud

CBD Orange Bud flowers have a subtle citrus flavour. This variety of hemp is also characterised by a high concentration of cannabidiol. It is therefore effective against everyday ailments.

CBD Amnesia Haze

CBD Amnesia Haze is a hybrid cannabis variety, known for its high CBD content. It is also distinguished by its cerebral effects. With a very strong flavour and aroma, this CBD flower will appeal to all CBD lovers.

CBD Jack Herer

CBD Jack Herer is a popular and award-winning cannabis flower. This hemp variety has countless therapeutic properties and can be consumed at any time of the day. It is named after the activist Jack Herer.

CBD Critical

CBD Critical is predominantly an Indica strain with exotic origins from the Middle East. It has won several awards for the explosion of flavours it offers to the taste buds. Critical is a true reference in the culture of legal cannabis.

CBD Domina

CBD Domina products offer earthy and woody flavours. They are ideal for sleep and relaxation.

CBD Bruce Banner

CBD Bruce Banner is characterized by a high concentration of cannabidiol. This product can greatly improve your mood and energy. In addition, the flavour of the flower is particularly exquisite: you will experience a tangy taste, followed by floral and fruity notes.

CBD Vanilla

CBD Vanilla flowers are for the sweet tooth. It is a sweet tasting and soothing variety of cannabis with an excellent mix of flavours.

CBD Skunk

CBD Skunk is typical known for its fruity taste. This flower is able to soothe the mind and help fight depression.

CBD Banana Kush

CBD Banana Kush is one of the best CBD flowers. This cannabis flower has complex flavours: a mixture of tropical fruits, bananas, and a typical Kush aftertaste. It is a real aid to relaxation.

CBD Super Skunk

CBD Super Skunk flowers are produced from a predominantly indica variety that will soothe your pain and stress with its citrus-scented aroma. These flowers have a low THC content.

CBD Silver Haze

The CBD Silver Haze flower is visually distinguished by its beautiful light green colour. It has beautiful buds with a slightly sweet taste. This plant is appreciated for its powerful aroma and energizing properties.

CBD Mango Kush

CBD Mango Kush is one of the favourite CBD flower varieties of light cannabis lovers. This cannabidiol concentrated flower has a juicy mango flavour mixed with sweet fruity notes. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, and fight insomnia.

CBD White Widow

CBD White Widow is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world. This CBD flower gives you a balance of floral and spicy flavour, and also powerful relaxation effects.

CBD Great White shark

Great White Shark is a CBD flower appreciated by countless cannabis consumers for its intoxicating effects. This cannabis strain brings citrus flavours with a sweet earthy background and a slight vanilla-like profile.

CBD Critical Kush

CBD Critical Kush is highly regarded for its powerful taste and physical effects. In addition to providing a real treat for mouthfeel, consumers can enjoy its relaxing effects on the body.

CBD Super Lemon Haze

CBD Super Lemon Haze is a particularly invigorating sativa-dominant strain. Pungent, energising and tangy, it is ideal for daytime pleasure.


CBD OG Kush is a variety of mysterious origin. It comes from Kush strains and offers relaxing effects for the body. It is ideal for lovers of complex flavours combining bitter, spicy and sour.

CBD Cookies Kush

CBD Cookies Kush is an award-winning light cannabis strain. With its strong dessert flavours and pleasant effects, this Indica-dominant product has everything to please. These unique qualities are the reason for its success.

CBD Space Monkey

CBD Space Monkey based e-liquid is the ideal product to vape. Products available come in a wide range of different CBD concentrations. You will discover its complex mix of flavours with the use of adapted vape accessories.

CBD Mango Haze

Are you looking for a sweet hemp variety? CBD Mango Haze is the perfect product. This flower has a luscious flavour profile of mango and other exotic fruits. It is also rich in cannabidiol.

CBD Strawberry Haze

CBD Strawberry Haze is a more recent variety of cannabis. Rich in fruity flavours, it gives the consumer great taste sensation. Its powerful effect help ensure a moment of calm and peace to start or end the day.

CBD Lemon Skunk

CBD Lemon Skunk is a hybrid variety of cannabis with a creamy lemon taste. Its flowers help you to relax every day.

CBD Lemon Cheese

CBD Lemon Cheese is a hybrid of Franco Loja’s two favourite strains: Super Lemon Haze and Exodus Cheese. This plant is distinguished by its strong sativa dominance and its incredible tangy lemon note. Consumers love it for its stimulating effect.

CBD Caramel Candy

With its sweet and slightly spicy aroma, the CBD Caramel Candy flower is a real hit with cannabis lovers. It also promotes general well-being and relaxation thanks to the presence of cannabidiol.

CBD Cheese Kush

CBD Cheese Kush has a pleasantly surprising flavour. A cross between Cheese and Kush, this product offers an explosion of flavours and an intense feeling of relaxation and well-being.

CBG Flower

CBG flower is a cannabis variety with a high cannabigerol (CBG) content. This quality product has an exceptional scent and is endowed with innumerable therapeutic virtues.

Critical Outdoor

Critical Outdoor CBD is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain. Grown outdoors in the best conditions, it gives off a beautiful colour with exotic Middle Eastern flavours. Immerse yourself in a moment of calm and serenity with Critical Outdoor.

CBD Ice Rock

CBD Ice Rock is a premium Sativa-dominant hemp variety. It is very popular with CBD enthusiasts for its high cannabidiol content and powerful effects. Covered in beautiful crystals, its elegant appearance offers visual pleasure that is matched only by its exquisite flavours.

CBD Melon Kush

CBD Melon Kush is one of the most mysterious CBD flowers. Its irresistible taste and smell turn the heads of gourmet consumers. This latest generation product is highly prized for its relaxing and soothing effects.

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