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All about vaping CBD e-liquids

Vaping has become a popular way to inhale tobacco or cannabis in recent years, and there are many new vape products and accessories now available on the market today. Vaping products can come in the form of vape pens or e-cigarettes electronic cigarettes), which are the vessels for vaping, and the vaping liquid that comes in the form of disposable vape cartridges or e liquids (vape juice) for refillable vape products which you add yourself.

With more awareness on the dangers of vaping tobacco, as tobacco contains nicotine and sometimes other chemicals that cause harm and are addictive, many vape users have turn towards vaping cannabis with THC or vaping CBD (cannabis derived substance without THC or with low THC), which is generally considered a healthier option.

CBD has become a very popular option for vaping as in pure form and from a reputable brand, CBD has no chemicals, delivers many holistic benefits for the body and mind, and is legal in most countries.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the hundreds of compounds found in the cannabis or hemp plant. These compounds are called cannabinoids, which have been shown to have, through many clinical trials and decades of studies, many health benefits. CBD is one of the most prevalent compounds found in cannabis after THC, another cannabinoid, which has similar benefits. Because THC is not considered a legal substance in most countries, CBD is often extracted in pure form so that consumers can consume CBD legally and benefit from its health properties without traces of THC (or very low and legal amounts).

What are the effects of CBD?

CBD has been proven to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic and neuro-protective properties. CBD has been shown to help with many ailments and symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, inflammation issues and pain, such ass in the case of o steoarthritis pain and aches, or skin inflammation associated with skin diseases like psoriasis or eczema, help with management of epilepsy and reduction of epileptic seizures, nausea and/or vomiting, slowing of cognitive decline, and so much more.

With ongoing research, medical professionals are finding many new uses CBD is good for.

What is a CBD e-liquid for electronic vape cigarettes?

Many use CBD in oil form (CBD oil) which range in concentrations from 10% to 40%. CBD oil is popular and used sublingually (under the tongue), ingested (directly or mixed in food), or applied topically (on the skin). But CBD e-liquid, different from CBD oil, are specially made for vaping and have the ability to deliver a higher concentration to the user, such as a potency of 50% CBD.

CBD e-liquids (juice) are made for vaping via a vape pen or electronic cigarette (e-cigarette). The CBD e-liquid can come in an already packaged disposable cartridge, most of them are universal and compatible with most vape e cigarettes. CBD liquid can also be purchased in a bottle to add to vape pens on your own.

Organic CBD liquids (vape juice) can be purchased online or in special CBD shops or vape shops. CBD e liquids can come without flavouring or flavoured with natural or artificial ingredients, though for the healthiest option we recommend organic CBD e liquids made with natural terpenes, which are naturally found in the cannabis or hemp plant and have a wealth of additional natural benefits and flavours.

CBD e liquids or juice are a great way to enjoy vaping, whether for stress or ritualistic enjoyment, without the chemicals or risks and addictions associated with vaping nicotine e liquids.

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

CBD and THC are both derived and extracted from the cannabis hemp plant. They have very similar, scientifically proven health and wellness properties. The main difference is that THC is psychoactive, which means it can get you high, while CBD is not and will not get you high. Hence why THC is a drug and illegal in a lot of countries but CBD is not considered a drug and considered safe and legal in many countries.

How do you vape CBD?

You can vape CBD using various vape products, such as an electronic cigarette or a vape pen, and using a disposable vape cartridge or refillable vape CBD juice that you can add to pens or other vaping kits.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, or e cigarette, or vape pen, is the tool to use to inhale the CBD liquid or juice. You must use a compatible e liquid specially made for vaping.

How to choose a CBD e-liquid?

It is important to do your research and buy from a reputable CBD brand. The best products are organic, and have pure ingredients like CBD extract and terpenes, which are derived from the cannabis hemp plant too and have a wealth of properties.

HOLYWEED vape e liquid options come in disposable cartridges easy to use, and have clean ingredients, are made with pure CBD and terpenes for flavour, and have zero nicotine or chemicals, and contain no polypropylene glycol or glycerin. They are THC free, making legal products to consume safely. View our product catalog for our vape options.

WELLNESS CARTRIDGE | 50% CBD (online price CHF 39.00)

MAKE LOVE CARTRIDGE | 50% CBD (online price CHF 39.00)

SLEEP TIGHT CARTRIDGE | 50% CBD (online price CHF 39.00)

RECOVERY CARTRIDGE | 50% CBD (online price CHF 39.00)

CBD products are categorized either full spectrum or broad spectrum. Full spectrum contains some THC while broad spectrum contains no THC and is legalized in most places.

HOLYWEED CBD e liquids are broad spectrum, so they are legal to buy and consume, but the are derived from full spectrum CCBD meaning it has the additional benefits that come from full spectrum extractions but without THC. We are able to create this special spectrum formula thanks to a unique distillation technique.

Can vape regular CBD oil as an e liquid for vaping?

No, it is best not to. Regular CBD oil (the kind of CBD oil you place under the tongue, or use topically, such as 20% CBD oil) cannot be used to replace a CBD vape liquid (e-liquid) nor should it be mixed with a vape e liquid. This is because CBD oil is made of CBD extraction (such as CBD distillate) and MCT oil as its carrier oil (base). MCT, short for Medium Chain Triglycerides, is derived from coconut oil and cannot be vaped or inhaled without exposing yourself to lung risk.

The risk is the same for mixing regular CBD oil, even if only a little, with vape e liquid.

What's more is you could potentially damage your vape kit, vape pen, or e-cigarette by using the wrong liquid. This is why buying and using a CBD e-liquid specially designed for vaping is important.

Plenty of specialty CBD shops and vape shops sells CBD vape liquids appropriate for your e-cigarette, either as disposable or refillable vape cartridges which you add yourself. You can also find great CBD vape e liquids online and view tons of products online on our HOLYWEED online shop.

Why vape CBD?

Many people choose too vape CBD as an option rather than other substances. It is a healthier alternative to tobacco and does not get you high like THC. CBD is legal in most countries when THC levels are low and law compliant.

Vaping CBD is an easy way to benefit from the relaxing properties of CBD. CBD can also help decrease stress and anxiety, inflammation, and nausea. There are many ways CBD can help consumers. Vaping CBD can also help those trying to quick vaping nicotine, which is an addictive substance.

Everybody has their reason to vape CBD. Some just enjoy it recreationally.

Which electronic cigarette or pen to choose for vaping CBD?

There are many options of electronic cigarettes to choose from. Ideally, choose one specially made for vaping CBD but most are compatible. The most common and best types are universal 510 thread batteries.

Portable e cigarettes are best as they are sleek, discreet and deliver CBD to you on the go. You can view many options of our modern e cigarettes for CBD vaping with HOLYWEED, which comes with their own disposable cartridge.

WELLNESS VAPE KIT | 50% CBD (online price CHF 69.00)

MAKE LOVE VAPE KIT | 50% CBD (online price CHF 69.00)

SLEEP TIGHT VAPE KIT | 50% CBD (online price CHF 69.00)

RECOVERY VAPE KIT | 50% CBD (online price CHF 69.00)

How does it feel to vape CBD?

Vaping CBD can help users mainly relax. The best CBD liquids have high concentrations of CBD so you can feel its effects quickly. Vaping CBD will not make you feel high but rather give you a sensation of feeling relaxed and less stressed. It may also help you in other ways, especially when taken regularly as CBD helps regulate the body's natural endocannabinoid system over time.

Some CBD users prefer CBD vape over CBD oils because vaping can enter the bloodstream much faster and gives a more instantaneous feeling of relaxation than CBD oil the regular way.

CBD to stop smoking

Does CBD contain tobacco or nicotine?

The best CBD e liquids do not contain any tobacco, nicotine, addictive substances or chemicals. We recommend choosing an organic product over a non-organic vape product.

That is why many vape users choose CBD e liquids over regular ones with tobacco. As former smokers have turned to vaping to quit regular cigarettes, vape users now choose to transition into CBD liquids. Because CBD is non addictive, it is a better and healthier alternative than regular e liquid products with tobacco.

On top of being non-addictive, CBD has been shown to act on brain receptors which help combat addiction symptoms of other substances when going through withdrawal. So CBD is becoming a popular choice for ex smokers or those trying to quit smoking. Vaping provides the same ritual smokers love so much, without the fear of CBD being a new toxic vice.

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