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CBD Oils

Our flavoursome CBD oils are some of the purest, most concentrated on the market thanks to a unique distillation and refinement process, and are 100% certified organic.

CBD oil

CBD oil

There’s no doubt that CBD oil is on everyone’s lips – and in a lot of people’s kitchen cabinets. Extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD oil contains a natural chemical compound called cannabidiol (CBD), known and loved for its numerous health benefits, from pain relief to managing anxiety and beyond. 


While you can consider cannabidiol to be medicinal in nature, CBD extract is nonetheless a product that you can enjoy every day of the week to smooth out those bumps that life throws your way – no need to save it for a rainy day. At HOLYWEED, we offer a variety of Swiss-made CBD oils and tinctures that will meet your needs and surpass all your expectations. And with our unique distillation process, you’ll discover a CBD oil as refined as your tastes.

What is CBD oil?

Herbal medicine is a long-standing global practice dating back millennia. Ancient Greek mythology celebrated deities for their natural healing elixir: panacea, a cure-all. While this term has taken on certain connotations, we think modern herbal medicine has come pretty close, with the healing virtues of hemp extract — cannabidiol or CBD — being widely lauded as the world’s best natural cure-all. Times may have changed, but CBD is only growing in popularity, especially as the therapeutic virtues of CBD oil are further explored in modern medicine. 


Embracing hemp’s heritage of all-natural wellness, all our HOLYWEED CBD oils are vegan, third-party tested, and completely pesticide-free.

The basics of CBD oil and cannabidiol

Forget the fear-mongering: the world is made up of chemicals, and cannabidiol (CBD) is one of nature’s many blessings. Cannabidiol is just one of many compounds, or cannabinoids, found in the cannabis Sativa plant, and its wholesome healing powers have been harnessed for thousands of years. We’re not exaggerating: ancient empires embraced hemp as a soothing restorative, basking in cannabis steam baths to manage their aches and pains.


Taking up the torch of tradition, we came, we saw, and we concocted some of the best CBD oil on the market today, rich in cannabidiol and 100% organic.

CBD vs. THC: What’s the difference?

Speaking of chemical compounds, let’s talk about THC. Short for tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is the psychoactive substance found in marijuana (or, indeed, cannabis). Unlike CBD which calms and soothes, THC causes that ‘high’ sensation so often seen in cultural stereotypes about cannabis.  

While its cannabinoid cousin THC can have some side effects, CBD is metabolised differently by the human body without known side effects. That’s why most legislatures don’t consider CBD to be a drug, as long as  the THC content in a CBD product is kept to a strict minimum. According to Swiss legal policy, for example, hemp products must have a THC level below 1%; CBD oil UK law states that hemp plants can only be cultivated if the seeds do not exceed 0.2% THC.


The takeaway? Always exercise caution when you buy CBD oil. Check the THC content of the product before you purchase, and be sure to respect your local law. Seek out CBD solutions from trusted providers. Naturally, our HOLYWEED organic CBD oils all comply with Swiss and European legal requirements, without ever compromising on quality or effectiveness – safe, third-party certified, and the perfect way to practise CBD self-worship.

What does the science say about CBD oil?

Tradition, meet science. Cannabidiol was officially ‘discovered’ in 1940, and while ancient civilisations embraced hemp as a herbal remedy, CBD has been the subject of considerable modern scientific research, with the aim of testing its curative properties.


Several peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated the potential of CBD oil to help manage anxiety. One placebo-controlled trial conducted on participants suffering from social anxiety showed that CBD significantly reduced anxiety and discomfort when in stressful social situations like public speaking. This is just one of many conditions for which CBD oil can act as an effective treatment, with clinical trials to back it up.


Among other scientific advancements is the means of extracting CBD from the hemp plant. We use a special extraction method to get every last drop of quality cannabidiol in our CBD oil, and all of our CBD products undergo rigorous third-party testing. You could say we’ve got CBD down to a science.

CBD oil

What is CBD oil used for?

CBD oil is known as a multifaceted wellness product. It can be used to help relieve anxiety thanks to its soothing effect on the brain, and it may also help reduce the effects that stress can have on the body by calming an increased heart rate. Trouble sleeping? A few CBD drops can also help bring about that feeling of serenity you need to get a good night’s rest, so you can say good riddance to insomnia.


It doesn’t end there. Along with its numerous relaxing properties, CBD oil can be used to help treat serious medical conditions. For instance, current research into CBD has shown its potential to reduce seizures in people with epilepsy, while other scientific studies are investigating its potential as a neuroprotective to be used for disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis (MS).


CBD oil might be best known for its anti-inflammatory power. At a clinical level, CBD oil is shown to have a relieving effect on the brain’s receptors to reduce pain, to help manage symptoms of arthritis, chronic pain, and even the side effects of chemotherapy treatments. More generally, CBD oil’s effect on the immune system can help relieve inflammation in the body. It is considered that the anti-inflammatory essence of CBD oil can also be used to help improve your complexion by wiping out acne. Your skin will be soothed and glowing.

How do you take CBD oil?

Depending on the formula, CBD oil can be taken orally, in oil or capsule form, or applied topically to the skin. Apply a few CBD drops under the tongue and allow it a few moments to absorb to feel the benefits more quickly. For aches and pains, massage several drops of CBD oil into the affected area. If you like, CBD oil can be combined with lotions or creams, but we think our cannabidiol oils shine best when used on their own. Go ahead, call us purists – we take it as a compliment.

Is CBD oil legal in the UK and Europe?

CBD oil is legal in the United Kingdom and Europe, but no matter where you are, you must respect the legal limits in place to regulate the amount of THC in cannabis products. Moreover, as we learn more about the vast health benefits of CBD, regulations are often changing. In the UK, CBD oil is legal so long as it contains less than 0.2% THC, and the cannabis plants used in the extraction process need to be approved.


EU regulation considers CBD oil to be a ‘novel food’, but each country within the EU has different laws around CBD drops use and sale. For most European countries, we can make the broad generalisation that CBD oil is legal, but with some caveats depending on the state. That’s why, wherever you are in the world, it’s important to check the laws local to you before you buy CBD oil.

Is CBD oil safe?

It’s always important to consider what you’re putting into your body. As with any wellness supplement, it is a good idea to consult with a doctor before you start using CBD extract to determine what the best dosage is for your needs. And, as any doctor would tell you, children and people who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not consume CBD oil. 


If you’re new to the world of CBD, we recommend starting with a low dosage and working your way up. Take it slow; you’ve got plenty of time.

What forms of CBD oil are available?

Generally, CBD oil comes in three forms: CBD isolate, full-spectrum oil, and broad-spectrum oil.

CBD isolate is pure cannabidiol, and can be added to carrier oils like coconut or MCT oil for a CBD product with the lowest possible concentration of THC. However, by that same token, CBD isolate lacks some of the other cannabinoids that make up the therapeutic powers of hemp, like CBG, and its extraction process also removes those tasty terpenes that give cannabis products their natural aroma and, indeed, some of their curative magic.


Full and broad-spectrum CBD oils are, in our opinion, a more wholesome alternative. These CBD extracts retain the other compounds that help make hemp a well-rounded herbal remedy. Broad-spectrum oils are a balanced CBD solution, with only trace amounts of THC, plenty of cannabidiol, natural terpenes, and all the other organic compounds that the best CBD oil is known for.

We favour an outdoor growing method to ensure that our CBD oil is the pinnacle of natural herbal excellence. All our oils are broad-spectrum oils, respecting EU laws, but derived from full-spectrum distillation to still leverage the benefits of wholesome terpenes. Our oils are extracted from sun-grown cannabis cultivated in the great outdoors, taking in all that nature has to offer while still being 100% pesticide-free. 

HOLYWEED shop: A trusted CBD oil supplier 

By now you may very well be thinking, “That’s all fine, but where can I buy CBD oil?” Might we suggest our own glorious HOLYWEED? We have a wide variety of all-natural outdoor CBD oil for sale to support you in your wellness journey, whatever your needs may be. With a range of concentrations available, you’re free to pick the best potency for you.


Your body is a temple, so you can feel at ease knowing that all of our herbal CBD offerings are 100% organic, vegan, and third-party certified. Shop our range of safe, legal, and flavourful broad-spectrum oils. For those searching for the best CBD oil out there, we’re sure you’ll find your holy grail in HOLYWEED products.

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